Trabajo en la Portada de Revista Internacional

El trabajo del Dr. German Ernesto Gomez, Investigador Asistente de CONICET y personal del grupo de Química Inorgánica del INTEQUI, se encuentra en la portada de la prestigiosa Revista Internacional INORGANIC CHEMISTRY - G. E. Gomez et al. Inorg,. Chem., Inorg. Chem.2019, 58 (11) 7243-7254.

About the Front Cover:
The addition of secondary transition metals and multitopic ligand to uranyl-containing aqueous systems provides a platform for the study of structurally diverse solid-state compounds with novel topologies; from molecular species to 3D metal–organic frameworks. The utilization of bifunctional organic ligands with transition metals paired with the uranyl cation can elucidate a near-endless catalog of bimetallic materials, exploiting those transition metal coordination geometries to help circumvent the traditionally 2D coordination polymer motif observed in uranyl hybrid materials.