Invitación de la Asociación Química Argentina

El Dr. Germán Gomez, Investigador del Instituto de Investigaciones en Tecnología Química - INTEQUI, fue invitado por la Asociación Química Argentina (AQA) para contribuir con un minireview para los  Anales de la Asociación Química Argentina (AQA)-División Jóvenes Profesionales. Edición especial: "Porous Materials", edición de  Julio,  2019.

Luminescent Metal-Organic Frameworks (LMOFs) as multifunctional materials for applications in solid-state lighting and sensing 


The intense study of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) along the last decades, is a clear example of the interest of these materials as a new generation of multifunctional materials for a variety of emerging applications. Inspired by the first works of worldwide known specialists, the international scientific community has been exploring a variety of metal centers and organic ligands under different synthetic conditions and methodologies in order to obtain MOFs with pore architectures, functionalities, texture and unique properties. In this context, the choice of lanthanides ions as building blocks offers huge possibilities for the construction of luminescent MOFs (LMOFs) for potential technological applications. With this motivation, a revision on this line of research and perspectives will be presented and discussed. Thus, an analysis concerning to the rational design of LMOFs, considering the nature of the linker, the lanthanide and the possible energy transfer process, will be carried out. Besides, the different type of luminescent performance will be analyzed. Finally, some relevant results towards the development of solid-state lighting and sensors based on LMOFs will be presented.